Wardrobe Detox

The average person only wears 25% of their wardrobe.
If that isn’t enough to encourage you to have a Wardrobe Detox, look at all the things you do not wear and add up their value!

We have all suffered the ultimate frustration of having a wardrobe full of clothes that you liked when you bought them, but now nothing seems right.
That’s because we often buy with no coherent plan for making the most of the budget we have.
Choose the combinations of clothes and accessories that fit the lifestyle you lead or want to lead, no matter if it looks lovely, if it doesn’t suit you the way you want it to, get rid of it.

A wardrobe make–over will show you:

  • What to keep and how to make it work by assembling several outfits.
  • What to recycle.
  • What essential pieces are missing and how to organise what remains to best effect.

You will gain most benefit from a wardrobe edit if you have previously attended a colour analysis and/or style consultation.

Price: £50.00
Duration: Minimum 2 hours.