Styled to Perfection!

Want to look good, feel great and gain more confidence?

Then look no further and let your journey begin!
Welcome to my website and the colourful/Stylish world of Panache - Styled to Perfection!

Janet Harrison

My name is Janet and I am a Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.
What we wear, and how we wear it, has a huge influence on people around us.
When we wear colour, it casts the light upwards onto our faces which will both reflect well on our natural colouring and make us look younger, brighter and healthier.
Wearing clothes which flatter our body lines and dressing for our body shape and personality in the shades of colours which suit us can also be a great boost to our confidence and everyone deserves to feel confident about themselves!

Clothes don’t just simply cover the body but they reflect who we are and what we want to be!

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